AI speaker light

  • Product number:Y2
  • Category:AI speaker light
  • Application range:
  • Description:Use space: living room study bedroom other
  • Product Details

    Product parameters
    Brand: the ZDX
    Model: Y2
    Electric voltage: 111 v ~ 240 v (including)
    Power: 6 w (including) - 10 w (including)
    Light body mass: alloy
    Lampshade material: polymer
    Whether or not to bring a light source of lamps and lanterns: light source
    LED light source
    Process: other/other
    Switch type: touch the switch
    Whether intelligence: it is
    Warranty period: 1 year
    Other/other use space: study of the sitting room the bedroom
    Style: contracted and contemporary
    Color classification: AI voice control - snow silver - four - 10 watts