Company Profile

Established in April 2009, Shenzhen zhengdongxing communication equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise. Headquartered in Shenzhen software industry base, it has set up subsidiaries in Shanghai, Luoyang and Dongguan, specializing in the design, research, development, manufacturing and sales of high-end intelligent digital products, such as it chips, intelligent home equipment, communication equipment, electronic detonator chips, intelligent detonation system, automation equipment, etc. At present, the company has 80 employees, including 38 technical R & D personnel, accounting for 46.25%, 63 with college degree or above, accounting for 78.78%, including 8 with master's degree, 40 with bachelor's degree and 15 with college degree. Since its establishment, the company has continued to focus on independent R & D and manufacturing of Samsung chip system, and has accumulated core technologies in many key areas of mobile operating system, such as system customization, system optimization, multimedia, HTML5 and security technology.

Luoyang zhengshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of zhengdongxing, was founded in August 2018 with a registered capital of 121.3 million yuan. It is a key investment attraction enterprise in Luoyang, specializing in the design, research, development and manufacturing of electronic detonator chips and intelligent detonation systems. Relying on the advantages of the parent company in the chip field, zhengshuo electronics changed its manufacturing into "smart" manufacturing, developed and built the industry-leading production line of electronic detonator chip and intelligent detonation system, and produced "zhengdongxing S5" electronic detonator chip and "zhengdongxing S5" electronic detonator chip Relying on its advantages of high reliability, high safety and high stability, S500 "detonator has been widely promoted in many places and won the praise of customers.